The Danés family is the only producer to follow the original recipe.

For this product that is typical of the coastal town of Arenys de Mar, in the province of Barcelona. It became popular with the arrival of the railway in 1857. In those days, Coquetes were enormous and were sold wrapped in newspaper to people in the railways carriages. In the 1950s, Joan Danés inherited the century-old recipe, which he improved, changing the shape to the one still seen today and making it a more appetising product, now a delicacy in our region.  They are highly appreciated by gourmets!

Coquetes can be eaten as an appetiser or as a desert, better still hiding among the pots and pans in the kitchen!!

They should be kept in a container, in a dry cool place. If they lose their crunch, don’t throw them away, put them in the oven at 80ºC for 10 minutes and they’ll be as fresh as the day you bought them.

You can buy them:


in 85gr. bags.

in boxes of 170gr.

in boxes of 340gr.